Hi everyone,
My name is Medie van Veen and I'm starting a fundraiser to provide porridge to the children in the picture for at least a year. At present time, I am volunteering in Sengerema, Tanzania, at a primary school as part of Support School Fees.

The initial goal is to gain €500 for one year for 64 children within one month so I can personally hand this to the owner of the kindergarten school in Sengerema. With your help and that of others, we can make this happen. Instead of two beers in a bar, donate breakfast to one child for a whole year! A donation of €7,00 equals one year of breakfast for 1 pupil and 1 plastic cup.

Children are currently not motivated to walk to school because they have to skip breakfast to attend class on time at 08:00. Depending on the walking distance, their first meal is around 13:00. After a discussion with the teacher, a basic yet luxury need for this school is offering porridge to the pupils. According to him and other locals in the surrounding area, providing porridge every morning will increase class attendance, also when it rains.

Thank you for taking part in this and providing these children with breakfast.


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